This is very unlike all the others because:
It was extremely time consuming as I decided to do the whole thing in a new way. Some time ago I developed a new technique for drawing pubic hair and beards and I liked the look and texture of it so much I used it sparingly in various drawings. Sparingly because it is so painstakingly tedious and tiring for my arm–so much so that I’m trying to find ways to teach my left hand to be at least semi-servile so it can help because this is entirely too much for one hand to handle. As a consequence, this drawing majorly injured my shoulder, and I didn’t stop because I was excited, though I will try to rest it now because it hurts like a mofo and I’m not sure how to stretch it.
Not only did I employ a new technique for the whole drawing, but I also shaded in reverse so the background could be darker than the object. Anti-myopic on my part and therefore unusual.
This is also the first time I work with someone in the same room for nearly the whole time. I’d rather not do that again.
This is a very intimate drawing of someone’s specific era in their lives. I drew this lovingly, but the person would hate it so they won’t see it– this piece kinda has no owner then.
This was completed under the influence of too many country songs. Something totally abnormal for me because I don’t know anything about that.